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Typical Wall Mount Installation

"Wall Mount" on a Single Story Cabin with a Loft and with Metal Siding and Roofing.

HughesNetAlaska is the WebSite for the Certified HughesNet HighSpeed Satellite Internet System Installer: Roger Bartels. Dealer's Phone: 1-907-451-0088 or 1-888-396-5632

Please use the "ContactUs" Page to start your Communication with us to ORDER your HughesNet HighSpeed Satellite Internet System and also to REQUEST additional Information to determine if a HughesNet Satellite Internet System is the right choice for you.

This WebSite has Information about what is required to INSTALL a HughesNet System at your location and to complete the Installation for you. For more Details about theHughesNet System Satellite Based Internet Systems, go to the Satellite Page for Links to the various Information Pages at HughesNet.

HughesNet HighSpeed BroadBand Satellite Internet Systems are fairly new to Alaska.

Yes, this is one of the Original Howard Hughes Companies, the only one still remaining.

There are many WebSites, including some of the HughesNet WebSites which have obsolete Information about Alaska, stating that HughesNet HighSpeed BroadBand Satellite Internet is only available in the "lower 48 states", however,

HughesNet, IS AVAILABLE at almost any location ANYWHERE in Alaska.

For Detailed Information on HughesNet Systemsin Alaska, Click these Links to Navigate to the Page:

>>> Satellite <<< or >>> BroadBand <<<


More Wall Mount Installations

"Wall Mount" HughesNet System on a Single Story House with T1-11 Wood Siding.

"Wall Mount" HughesNet System on a Deck Structure.

"Wall Mount" HughesNet System on T1-11 Wood Siding.

Typical Pole Mount Installations

HughesNet System and DishNetwork Installed at the same time, but before the Ground Froze.

"Pole Mount" Commercial HughesNet System.

Commercial HughesNet System and Satellite TV, Coax Cables Buried under the Grass Sod.

HughesNetSystem "Pole Mounted" and Bolted to the Corner of a Deck, TV Dish attached to House.


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