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We have HughesNet HighSpeed Satellite based Internet Systems Installations throughout the entire State of Alaska.  Call / Request Details to determine if HughesNet is the right Internet Solution for you.

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ALL Satellite Internet Providers have Limits to the DownLoad called the "Fair Access Policy".  Almost all Information Requests select the "NO, I do not understand what FAP is???" above.

Please Read the HughesNet Legal WebSite:         >>> Fair Access Policy - HNS Legal  <<<

Please Read about the FAP on my WebSite:         >>> Fair Access Policy - Description  <<<


NOTE:  If you have not been Contacted within a few days of submitting a Request, please give us a Call, occasionally, we do not receive the e-Mail Request.  Thank You!

NOTE:  Thank you for Submitting your Request for Information.

You will be contacted by the Alaska Dealer's Professional Staff by either e-Mail, Phone or both.  You may also send a direct e-Mail to contact the Dealer with the e-Mail Address below.  The WebSite Auto Responder will REPLY with an INITIAL e-Mail to you when sending an e-Mail, but not from Submitting the WebForm.

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PRIVACY POLICY:  The Alaskan Dealer, Will Johnson, whose Company is Alaska Satellite Internet and HughesNetAlaska adhere to the Privacy Policies of HughesNet Systems.  There are a few considerations for Alaska that do differ with the Hughes Subscriber Privacy Policy.  Please discuss any of the Terms and Conditions stated if you have Questions about the Privacy Policy.  This WebSite contains very Important Information that you should Read and Understand!  Please visit the HughesNet Subscriber Privacy Policy WebSite at:     Legal Page / Subscriber Privacy Policy     Opens in a New Window.

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