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  HughesNet     IS AVAILABLE     at almost any location     ANYWHERE     in Alaska.  

HughesNet Systems HughesNet BroadBand Satellite Internet Customers in Alaska are on an Electrical Power Grid from their Town or Village, even though many of them live in somewhat remote areas of this State.  However, not everyone has consistent Electrical Power, usually because they are OFF the Grid System and produce their own Electrical Power with a Generator or other Alternate Source of Generating their Electrical Energy.

HughesNet Systems are currently being operated using Generators, Solar, Wind or Hydro-Electric Power Generation Systems.  Using a Battery Bank with an Inverter is one way to Power your HughesNet Systems when no other Electrical Power Source is Available.  The HughesNet Systems seem to be very tolerant of the less than stable Voltage and Frequency of some Alternative Electrical Power Generation Systems.

Here are Links to the HughesNet Systems WebSites for more Information:

  • 1.   The Main HughesNet Systems WebSite:------------------------------------------->>> HughesNet <<<

  • 2.   The MyHughesNet WebSite Home Page:-------------------------------------->>> MyHughesNet <<<

  • 3.   The HughesNet Customer Care Page:----------------------------------------->>> CustomerCare <<<

  • 4.   The HughesNet Billing Statement Page:---------------------------------------->>> Billing Invoice <<<

  • 5.   The HughesNet View MY Billing Statement Page:----(LogIn)------------------>>> ViewMyBill <<<

  • 6.   The HughesNet Plans & Pricing Page:----------------------------------------->>> Plans&Pricing <<<

  • 7.  The HughesNet Frequently Asked Questions Page:------------------------------------->>> FAQs <<<

  • 8.   The WHY Choose HughesNet Page:----------------------------------------------->>> Choose HNS <<<

  • 9.   The HughesNet Rebate Center Page:------------------------------------------>>> Rebate Center <<<

  • 10.   The HughesNet Fair Access Policy, on the Legal Page:------------>>> FairAccessPolicy <<<

  • 11.   The HughesNet Subscriber Policies, on the Legal Page:-------->>> SubscriberPolicies <<<

Click the Rebate Center Link (above) to view the current Rebates and Promotions available when you Order your New HughesNeSystems BroadBand Satellite Based Internet HardWare and Installation. 

Remember:  Installations are NOT FREE in Alaska, and for your information, many are not "free" either in the Lower 48 States.

To obtain a "free" Installation in the Lower 48, the Installation must be a "qualifying location", nothing extra and with very specific terms and conditions.

                               >>>>>>>>>>   ORDER NOW   <<<<<<<<<<

You will enjoy your HughesNet Systems HighSpeed Satellite based Internet System for many years to come!  If you need HighSpeed Internet for Business Productivity or Personal Pleasure, we have the Answer that you have been looking for with Plans and Pricing to fit your Needs and Budget.  Please visit the Links above to view the HughesNet Plans and Pricing and the Fair Access Policy.

To order your
HughesNet Satellite Based HighSpeed Internet System or to Request additional Info:
Please Navigate to the "ContactUs" Page to start your Communication with us to ORDER your HughesNet HighSpeed Satellite Internet System and have us Install it for you in a timely manner convenient to you and for us.

OR - To Contact the 
HughesNet Systems Authorized Dealer directly via their WebSite:
(WebSite is Under Construction)   

To contact the Dealer directly call by Phone:

                Will & Debbie Johnson     -     YOUR Alaska HughesNet Dealer, based in Fairbanks, Alaska.

To Contact them by Phone:   1-907-451-0088     or     Toll Free:   1-888-396-5632

They are the Largest Dealership in the State of Alaska and have Installers in most areas of Alaska.  Any Location which they do not have an Local Installer, they can arrange to have an Installer travel to your location to do the Installation for you.

To Contact the Alaska Dealer's Professional Marketing, Installation and Service Staff by e-Mail:


The Direct e-Mail to the Dealer is:  Will Johnson <Will@Hughes.Net>

To visit the Dealer's WebSite (Will and Debbie Johnson of  Alaska Satellite Internet) Click this Link:    
  Alaska Satellite Internet, or Copy & Paste:   into your Browser.

Roger Bartels, the Owner of this WebSite, is the Certified
HughesNet Satellite Internet Systems Installer working in the SouthCentral area / Kenai Peninsula of Alaska; from Homer to Haines.  (Note:  I am not in Alaska now, therefore, there will be a different Installer who completes your Installation)

My Dealer's Phone:   1-907-451-0088 / 1-888-396-5632     OR    
use the >>> "ContactUs" <<< Page.

The Dealer has Installers in most areas of Alaska and can arrange for an Installer to visit your area to Install your 
HughesNet Satellite Internet System.  Give the Dealer a Phone Call, Send an e-Mail or a message thru the "ContactUs" Page to start your path to the best alternative to Dial-Up that is available in Alaska.  If you need High Speed Internet and you do not have another Low Cost Alternative, then HughesNet will be the answer that you have been looking for.

HughesNet Monthly Service Fees are comparable to other Internet Services Providers Fees, but there is an Installation Cost and Expenses for the Installation of the HughesNet System.

Certified HughesNet Systems Installers in Alaska:

Installer:                        Primary Install Area:             Phone:                                    WebSite / e-Mail:     

Roger Bartels               Kenai Peninsula                     907-451-0088                                You are Here

(I am not in Alaska at the present time, so please contact the Dealer for Installations, Thank You!)

NOTE:  Will has a number of Installers who travel to various locations who can do your Installation.


Typical Roof Mount Installations

The Dish & Radio are usually high enough above the Roof to stay above the Snow accumulation.

We usually mount the Dish / Radio at the PEAK of a Roof because of Snow Avalanche Hazards.

Straddling the PEAK of a Roof is a common Mounting Installation.

Straddling the PEAK of this Roof with the Radio Parallel to the PEAK in a Wilderness Camp.

This is a Commercial HughesNet BroadBand Satellite Internet Installation with a Double Tripod Custom Mount, the Dish & Radio are 6 feet above the Roof to where Snow accumulation should not be a problem to build up in front of the Dish and Transmitter.

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